Canadian Physician Investing Guide – Part 1

Starting out I’ve been investing since high school when I first read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” as a Grade 9 student. Though this book has largely been discredited, it got me started investing in the stock market. Because I did not know how to start investing I sought out a financial advisor. Unfortunately, they recommended … [Read more…]

Mindful Lifestyle Creep

The barriers to achieving financial independence are legion. One of the main barriers identified in the financial independence literature (aka blogs) is a lifestyle that increases lockstep with income. This is known as “lifestyle creep” which is where a person’s lifestyle, as determined by what they spend their money on, increases over time. Lifestyle creep … [Read more…]

Financial Independence for the Canadian Physician

Physicians are known for having big incomes. They’re also known for being big spenders. The combination of these two “facts” means most physicians end up having to work longer hours and retire later in order to support their spending habits. There has often been a pressure on physicians to “look the part” of being a … [Read more…]

Three-Step Goal Setting

Long-term projects can be¬†extraordinarily¬†frustrating. This kind of work often involves vague deadlines and no clear plan of action for what to do next. Sometimes it involves redoing work that you have already completed, while other times it can feel like there is no relationship between effort and long-term outcome. My own experience with slow-moving large … [Read more…]

Block Writing

Most people in their job need to write. Even if it is not in our official job description we often will be required at some point to string together consecutive sentences to communicate in written format. In my role as a resident (doctor in training) and research trainee I find myself constantly writing. I write … [Read more…]

The Two Most Important Questions

I’ve been working with other psychiatry residents to put together a document outlining advice for residents interested in research. Though we wrote it as part of the psychiatry residency research program, I think that some of the advice is helpful to all residents/graduate students interested in research. The full FAQ is here. Of the whole … [Read more…]